You want your child to
Make a Good Impression Stand Out in the Crowd Be a Distinguished Individual Learn International Etiquette

Our flagship programme (L.E.A.P) equips students with vital life skills, fosters impeccable etiquette, cultivates growth-oriented attitudes, and builds strong, confident personalities for a brighter future.

The L.E.A.P Programme

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders through character, confidence, and courtesy.

Programme Details

  1. Coolest in the Room – Personality Development Course
  2. When I Speak, People Listen – Public Speaking Course
  3. Dine like Royalty – Dining Etiquette Course
  4. The Leader Within – Leadership Workshop
  5. Earth Matters – Sustainability Workshop
  6. My Learnings, My Responsibility – Self Study Workshop
  7. The Bravehearts – Managing Fears Workshop
  8. The Life Saver – First Aider Course
  9. Pristine Sands – Beach Cleanup
  10. One with Nature – Tree Plantation Drive
  11. Master Chefs in the Making – Cooking Workshop
  12. Whatever it Takes – Survival Workshop
  13. You can’t touch me – Self Defence Workshop
  14. Into the Hills – Trek
  15. Going Within – Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

Bonus: When I Grow Up – Career Inclination Assessment

    The ICER Advantage

    The International Centre for Etiquette Research is an organisation dedicated to helping people across the world learn the nuances of interpersonal behaviour through the effective use of good etiquette.

    Our flagship L.E.A.P Program for school children is meticulously designed to aid parents and teachers in their commitment to instil Human Ethical Values and Good Etiquette in young minds. It offers a holistic personality development curriculum that cultivates their confidence, grooming them as future leaders on the global stage.

    Personality Development for Students

    ICER aims at equipping global citizens with knowledge of international etiquette that will help them stand out as well mannered and cultured individuals, globally.


    Dining Etiquette

    Dining Etiquette

    Good dining etiquette is a set of behaviors that demonstrate respect and consideration for others while dining in public or in someone's home. It is important to practice good dining etiquette not only to show respect for the people around you, but also to ensure that...

    Why is Good Etiquette Necessary?

    Why is Good Etiquette Necessary?

    Good etiquette is important in every aspect of life, but it is especially necessary in social situations. Good etiquette demonstrates respect and consideration for others, and it helps to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. There are many...

    What is Personality?

    What is Personality?

    Personality is the unique combination of characteristics that define an individual's behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. It is what makes a person unique and different from others. Personality is often thought of as a stable set of traits that are consistent over time...


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