The International Centre for Etiquette Research is a organisation dedicated to studying global etiquette. We aim to help people understand each other and treat each other better through the knowledge and practice of good etiquette. With the world growing smaller each day, it is imperative that everyone be aware and practice good etiquette that is internationally acceptable.

Ogranising Body of the

ICER aims at equipping global citizens with knowledge of international etiquette that will help them stand out as well mannered and cultured individuals, globally.


Etiquette is a very important aspect of society life and reflects upbringing and culture. Good etiquette will set you apart at your school, college, work place and the world in general.

Our courses are designed by industry experts to help you learn and practice good etiquette very quickly.


  1. The knowledge of correct etiquette in various situations will elevate your confidence levels.
  2. You will develop a pleasant, cultured and respected personality.
  3. Your core knowledge and strengths will be complimented by a great personality. (E.g. an extremely intelligent doctor with a great personality)

The best part of learning etiquette is that you can start using the learnings immediately.